1: "Neon Genesis Evangelion" An iconic anime that promised a deep story but left many fans confused and unsatisfied.

2: "Sword Art Online" Hyped as the next big thing in anime, but ultimately fell short with inconsistent storytelling.

3: "Tokyo Ghoul" Started strong but quickly lost its way, disappointing fans with lackluster character development.

4: "Attack on Titan" While visually stunning, the anime failed to live up to its immense hype with a lackluster ending.

5: "Death Note" A gripping premise that ultimately lost its momentum, leaving fans with a disappointing conclusion.

6: "One Punch Man" Initially hailed as a fresh take on superhero anime, but failed to maintain its comedic brilliance.

7: "Fairy Tail" Promised epic battles and magical adventures, but succumbed to repetitive storytelling and clichés.

8: "Black Clover" Despite its potential, the anime failed to deliver on its promise of a unique and engaging story.

9: "Naruto" While beloved by many, the series suffered from pacing issues and filler episodes, leaving fans frustrated.

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