1: Exciting news for Suits fans! Pearson, the hit spinoff series, has found a new streaming home. But, unfortunately, it's not available on Netflix.

2: The legal drama, starring Gina Torres as the powerful Jessica Pearson, will now be available on Amazon Prime Video. Fans can catch all the thrilling episodes on this platform.

3: With its intense storylines and strong female lead, Pearson has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide. Now, fans can continue following Jessica's journey on Amazon Prime Video.

4: The transition to Amazon Prime Video means even more viewers will have access to this captivating series. Don't miss out on the action-packed drama and power struggles.

5: From the creators of Suits, Pearson offers a fresh take on the legal world with its complex characters and compelling storyline. Watch it now on Amazon Prime Video.

6: Experience the highs and lows of Pearson's ambitious pursuit of justice as she navigates the cutthroat world of Chicago politics. Stream it exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

7: Be prepared for unexpected twists and turns as Jessica Pearson fights for what she believes in. Catch all the drama and suspense on Amazon Prime Video.

8: Fans of Suits will not be disappointed with Pearson's spinoff series, which offers the same level of intensity and intrigue. Find it on Amazon Prime Video today.

9: Say goodbye to your Netflix subscription and hello to Amazon Prime Video, where you can binge-watch Pearson to your heart's content. Don't miss out on this exciting legal drama.

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Suits Spinoff Pearson Gets A New Streaming Home – But it’s not Available on Netflix