1: Discover the valuable 1975 No S Roosevelt dime worth millions, hiding in your pocket.

2: Uncover the 1874 Carson City Liberty Seated dime, a hidden treasure waiting to be found.

3: Learn about the 1942-1945 silver clad Winged Liberty dime, a rare coin to watch out for.

4: Explore the 1969-S doubled die Lincoln penny, a valuable find in today's currency.

5: Unearth the 1916-D Mercury dime, a rare gem that could be worth a fortune.

6: Dive into the mysterious tale of the 1982-D small date Lincoln penny, a hidden gem in circulation.

7: Investigate the bicentennial Washington quarter, worth a staggering 73 million dollars.

8: Unravel the secrets of the rare 1943 copper penny, a valuable coin that still circulates today.

9: Delve into the world of numismatics and uncover valuable coins worth millions in everyday circulation.

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