1: "Prepare for a celestial spectacle! The meteor shower event promises 120 shooting stars per hour."

2: "Get your blanket and find a cozy spot. The sky is about to light up with magic!"

3: "Gather your loved ones for a night under the stars. Don't miss this breathtaking show."

4: "Make a wish as you witness the beauty of nature's cosmic dance. An unforgettable experience awaits."

5: "Set your alarm and head outside to catch the meteor shower. A show like no other awaits you."

6: "Stargazers unite! The sky will be filled with 120 shooting stars every hour. Are you ready?"

7: "Capture the magic of the meteor shower on camera. Memories that will last a lifetime."

8: "Don't forget to make a wish as you witness the shooting stars. The universe is listening."

9: "Get ready to be amazed by the meteor shower event. An awe-inspiring sight awaits you in the night sky."

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