1: Try adding avocado and crispy bacon for a savory twist on classic tuna salad.

2: Mix in some diced apples and walnuts for a sweet and crunchy addition to your tuna salad sandwich.

3: Spice things up with a Sriracha mayo dressing for a bold kick of flavor in your tuna salad.

4: Replace traditional mayo with Greek yogurt for a healthier and creamier tuna salad option.

5: Incorporate fresh herbs like dill and parsley for a bright and elevated tuna salad experience.

6: Opt for a multigrain or seeded whole wheat bread for added fiber and nutrients in your tuna salad sandwich.

7: Top your tuna salad with sliced cucumbers and sprouts for a refreshing and light twist on a classic.

8: Experiment with different seasonings like curry powder or smoked paprika to elevate the flavor profile of your tuna salad.

9: Layer your tuna salad between two slices of whole wheat French toast for a delicious and unexpected breakfast treat.

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