1: Martha Stewart's Golden Rule #1: Start with fresh, seasonal vegetables for the best flavor and crunch.

2: Golden Rule #2: Use high-quality ingredients like artisanal cheeses and premium olive oils for a gourmet touch.

3: Rule #3: Don't overdress your salad; a light vinaigrette is all you need to enhance the flavors.

4: Follow Golden Rule #4: Mix up textures by adding nuts, seeds, or croutons for added crunch.

5: Golden Rule #5: Experiment with bold flavors like citrus, fresh herbs, or spicy peppers to liven up your salad.

6: Rule #6: Add protein like grilled chicken or shrimp to make your salad a satisfying meal.

7: Martha Stewart's tip: Finish with a sprinkle of finishing salt or a squeeze of fresh lemon juice for the perfect finishing touch.

8: Remember Martha's rule: Prep your ingredients ahead of time to make assembling salads quick and easy.

9: Follow these 6 Golden Rules from Martha Stewart to create crisp and delicious salads that will impress any guest or family member.

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