1: Discover the valuable American nickels circulating today. Learn about key dates, mint marks, and conditions that can increase their worth.

2: The 1913 Liberty Head nickel is a highly sought-after coin. With only five known to exist, it's a rare find in circulation.

3: The 1942-1945 War Nickel contains silver and is worth more than face value. Look for the "P" mint mark for a valuable find.

4: The 1939-D Jefferson nickel with a reverse of the Monticello building is highly valuable in good condition. Keep an eye out for this gem.

5: The 2004-2005 Westward Journey nickels celebrate the Lewis and Clark expedition. Look for the "Ocean in View!" design for a valuable coin.

6: The 2005 Buffalo nickel features the iconic Native American and Buffalo design. Look for errors and varieties that can increase its value.

7: The 1916-1945 Mercury dime is often mistaken for a nickel due to its size. Check your change for this valuable coin worth more than face value.

8: The 1938-D Jefferson nickel with a reverse of Monticello is a key date for collectors. Look for full steps to increase its value.

9: Now that you know about these valuable American nickels in circulation, start checking your change and coin collections for these hidden treasures.

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