1: Jessica Pearson, Harvey Specter, and Mike Ross need to join forces with Gina Torres, adding drama and intrigue.

2: As a powerhouse trio, the dynamic between these characters would be electric and captivating.

3: Their chemistry on screen would elevate the already stellar cast of Suits to new heights.

4: Unfortunately, Gina Torres is not available on Netflix, leaving fans longing for this dream team.

5: The absence of Torres on the streaming platform is a missed opportunity for an epic crossover.

6: Imagine the possibilities of this collaboration, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats.

7: While we may never see this dream come to fruition, the idea of it is tantalizing.

8: For now, fans of Suits can only imagine the potential magic that could have been.

9: As we wait for another opportunity, we can only hope for a future where these characters come together on screen.

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