1: 1. Sweet potato pie is a traditional Southern dish that dates back to colonial times.

2: 2. The pie has a rich, creamy filling made from roasted sweet potatoes, sugar, and spices.

3: 3. Sweet potatoes are packed with vitamins A and C, making this pie a nutritious treat.

4: 4. The pie is often topped with whipped cream or a dollop of marshmallows for added sweetness.

5: 5. Some variations of sweet potato pie include pecans or a bourbon-infused filling.

6: 6. Sweet potato pie is a popular dessert for Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations.

7: 7. In some cultures, sweet potato pie is considered a symbol of luck and prosperity.

8: 8. The first known sweet potato pie recipe was published in 1796 in a cookbook by Amelia Simmons.

9: 9. Sweet potato pie remains a beloved dessert in the United States and continues to be enjoyed worldwide.

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