1: Introduction Discover the world of numismatics with our list of the top 10 most valuable rare coins, valued at nearly 40 million USD.

2: 1794 Flowing Hair Dollar This coin holds the record for the most expensive coin ever sold at auction, fetching nearly 11 million USD.

3: 1933 Double Eagle One of the most famous rare coins, this piece sold for over 7 million USD in recent years.

4: 1804 Silver Dollar Known as the "King of American Coins," this rare coin is valued at nearly 4 million USD.

5: 1913 Liberty Head Nickel With only five known to exist, this coin is highly sought after and valued at over 4 million USD.

6: 1894-S Barber Dime Considered the "Holy Grail" of Barber dimes, this coin is worth nearly 2 million USD.

7: 1822 Half Eagle This rare gold coin is valued at over 6 million USD due to its scarcity and historical significance.

8: 1792 Birch Cent One of the earliest American coins, this rare piece is valued at nearly 3 million USD.

9: 1907 Ultra High Relief Double Eagle This experimental coin is highly sought after by collectors and valued at nearly 3 million USD.

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