1: "Elevate your morning routine with a classic tuna salad sandwich on whole wheat. Perfect for busy moms!"

2: "Try adding avocado or sprouts for a new twist on this healthy breakfast option."

3: "Swap mayo for Greek yogurt for a lighter, protein-packed sandwich."

4: "Experiment with adding pickles or capers for an extra burst of flavor."

5: "Make it open-faced and top with sliced tomatoes for a fresh take on a classic."

6: "Layer on some crunchy bacon or crispy lettuce for a satisfying crunch."

7: "Spread some hummus or pesto on your bread for a unique flavor combination."

8: "Use whole grain mustard or spicy sriracha for an added kick to your sandwich."

9: "With these twists, your classic tuna salad sandwich will never be boring again!"

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